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Activate Free Jio Caller Tune

Steps To Set Jio Caller Tune for Free

Along with Free Data, Free calls, Free Sms etc. you can also set free Jio caller tune on your Jio number. Jio caller tune also known as JioTunes service is completely free and there are no charges to activate JioTunes.

Free Jio Caller Tune Collection

Jio has more than 4 lakh songs in its database, you can select any song across genres such as Bollywood, Regional, International, Instrumental, Devotional.

JioTunes allows you to change your tune anytime, at free of cost.

Set Free Jio Caller Tune by Following these Steps

Note: You can use any one of the method

Jio Caller Tune from Jio Music

Free Jio Caller Tune

Free Jio Caller Tune

Free Jio Caller Tune SMS

Free Jio Caller Tune

Free Jio Caller Tune

By Follwing the above steps via SMS, you can set Jio caller tune for free.

Make any Song as Jio Caller tune

You can also set any movie song as your Jio caller tune, just follow the instructions:

MOVIE movie Name send it to 56789
SINGER singer Name send it to 56789
ALBUM Album Name send it to 56789

1. Send Movie/Album or Singer name to 56789.

You receive a message with songs list.

2. Send your song number.

You receive a message asking for confirmation.

3. Send Y to confirm.

Your caller tune gets activated.

Copy any Jio tune and set as your caller tune

Press * while listening the tune, you will be asked to confirm, send Y to the message. Jio Caller tune will be activated for free.

Stop Free Jio Caller Tune Service

To deactivate Jio caller tune, send STOP to 56789

You will receive SMS & email communication once the free period expires, until then enjoy Jio Caller Tune service for free.

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